Application Results

The application results for each round of the admission exercises 2017-18 and 2018-19 are expected to be available starting from the date specified below:

Application Round Result Announcement Period
2nd Clearing Round 
(Deadline on August 31, 2017)
Starting from November 2017
Application Round Result Announcement Period
Main Round 
(Deadline on December 1, 2017)

Starting from March 2018

1st Clearing Round 
(Deadline on April 30, 2018)
Starting from July 2018
2nd Clearing Round 
(Deadline on August 31, 2018)
Starting from November 2018

The Graduate School will inform all applicants of the result of their applications via email in about three to four months after the deadline of application. Applicants may also check the result on the web and the details will be given in the result notification email. Under NO circumstances will the Graduate School inform applicants of the results through telephone.

All documents submitted in support of an application will be destroyed if the application is unsuccessful. Documents once submitted will not be returned. Do not send original or irreplaceable documents.

Applicants who have indicated interest in applying for admission to the Joint PhD Programme(s) will NOT be notified separately of the results of their applications for the Joint PhD Programme(s). Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted individually by the Faculties/Departments concerned for further processing of their Joint PhD applications. Applicants who have not been contacted on their Joint PhD applications should refer to the notification of the results of their applications for conventional single PhD.