Current Students

Li Ka Shing Prizes

In 1990, Dr. Li Ka Shing made a generous donation to the University. It was agreed that a part of the investment income earned on the donation be used to establish six prizes under the following regulations:

1. The prizes shall be known as the Li Ka Shing Prizes.

2. There shall be six Prizes, awarded on the basis of academic excellence, four for the PhD theses and two for the MPhil theses, for award annually in and after 2005-06.

3. The Prizes shall each year be for award to graduates from within one of two broad groupings - group A, comprising PhD and MPhil graduates of the Faculties of Architecture, Arts, Business and Economics, Education, Law and Social Sciences; and group B, comprising PhD and MPhil graduates in the Faculties of Dentistry, Engineering, Medicine and Science - i.e. 2 PhD theses and 1 MPhil thesis in each Faculty group.

4. The Prizes shall be awarded in the form of gold-plated medals (for desk display - not to be worn) plus a cash prize. Each Prize shall be awarded to one person only and may not be shared.

5. The award of one or more of the Prizes shall be withheld in any year in which candidate(s) are judged to be of insufficient merit.

6. The award may be retracted by the University if the award recipient is found to have committed research misconduct within and/or outside the University.

Administrative Arrangements

1. The Graduate School shall be responsible for selecting the recipients of the Prizes each year and the decision shall be final. The Graduate School will ask specialist examiners of PhD and MPhil theses to indicate those theses suitable for consideration.

2. The Graduate School shall inform the donor of the names of the recipients of the awards each year.


MPhil Mr MEGGITT Gary Department of Law
MPhil Mr CHONG Chun Kong Department of Medicine
PhD Dr POUPARD Duncan James School of Chinese
PhD Dr REPOUSIS Odysseas Department of Law
PhD Dr LI Bowen Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
PhD Dr CHIU Kung Chun Department of Pathology

MPhil Mr PAPAVASILIOU, Georges Centre for the Humanities and Medicine
MPhil Miss CHENG Yik Ling Bowie  Pathology
PhD Dr WANG Jiejing  Urban Planning and Design
PhD Dr CHEN Chih-Ting  Humanities (Music)
PhD Dr LEE Ho Tin  Electrical and Electronic Engineering
PhD Dr HE Bailiang  Medicine

MPhil Mr WAN Morton Teng Humanities (Music)
MPhil Mr LAI Kit Ho Pathology
PhD Dr CHEN Peng Business
PhD Dr FLEMING, Kara Kathleen Humanities (Linguistics)
PhD Dr CHAN Kwun Wa Chemistry
PhD Dr LEE Siu Po Pathology

MPhil Mr YUEN Ho Yin  Politics and Public Administration
MPhil Miss LO, Jessica  Pathology
PhD Dr TSE Heung Wing  Chinese
PhD Dr ZHOU Feifei  English
PhD Dr LIANG Qingning  Medicine
PhD Dr ZOU Taotao  Chemistry


MPhil Miss WONG Kwan Lam  Geography
MPhil Mr WONG Hoi Kin Medicine
PhD Dr DE WIT, Mattheus Maria  Humanities (Human Performance)
PhD Dr LI Jie  Social Work and Social Administration
PhD Dr PENG Yu  Computer Science
PhD Dr LEUNG Yu Lut  Chemistry
MPhil Mr COLLINS, Jeremy Charles Humanities (Linguistics)
MPhil Mr ZHANG Linquan Computer Science
PhD Dr QI Zhixin Urban Planning and Design
PhD Dr LAI Suet Lin, Selina Modern Languages and Cultures (American Studies)
PhD Dr FAN Jing Mechanical Engineering
PhD Dr LI Yan Clinical Oncology
MPhil Miss WU Yi Humanities (Philosophy)
MPhil Mr LAI Chengdi Electrical and Electronic Engineering
PhD Dr LO Pui Yin Law
PhD Dr BAI Xue Social Work and Social Administration
PhD Dr LI Ping Mechanical Engineering
PhD Dr LIU Chenli Biochemistry
MPhil Mr PEI Qing Geography
MPhil Mr ZHANG Zheng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
PhD Dr PAN Lu Humanities (Comparative Literature)
PhD Dr XU Jianhua Sociology
PhD Dr CHAN Chuen Wing Electrical and Electronic Engineering
PhD Dr CHEN Leilei Clinical Oncology
MPhil Mr TSE Heung Wing Chinese
MPhil Mr FU Wai Yuen Electrical and Electronic Engineering
PhD Dr CHAN Ka Ho Psychology
PhD Dr MANZON Maria Iluminada Esquivel Education
PhD Dr CHENG Ka Wing Biological Sciences
PhD Dr WONG Chak Lui Pathology
MPhil Mr LO Yu Hong Geography
MPhil Miss ZHANG Qian Biological Sciences
PhD Dr CHAN Wa Business
PhD Dr CHOI Yi King Computer Science
PhD Dr LI Xiang Chemistry
PhD Dr YANG Yuanzheng Humanities (Music)
MPhil Mr WOO Mun Hong, Ivan Social Work and Social Administration
MPhil Mr WONG Chi Chun Biological Sciences
PhD Dr CHOY Hung Tat Real Estate and Construction
PhD Dr YUEN Sung Lai Psychology
PhD Dr LIU Baohua Biochemistry
PhD Dr MA Kwai Yee, Stephanie Pathology
MPhil Mr. IP Yee Ting Psychology
MPhil Mr. ZHANG Xueyan Mechanical Engineering
PhD Dr. YU Yinghui Business
PhD Dr. YAU Yung Real Estate and Construction
PhD Dr. PANG Wen Chi, Roberta Medicine
PhD Dr. TSANG Hing Ho Civil Engineering
MPhil Mr. HO Wing Yuen Surgery
MPhil Mr. YANG Yuanzheng Music
PhD Dr. CHEUNG Chung Yan Microbiology
PhD Dr. LEUNG Chi Tat, Antony Social Work & Social Administration
MPhil Miss DU Yingjuan Business
MPhil Ms. GUO Hong Medicine
PhD Dr. FAIRBROTHER, Gregory Paul Education
PhD Dr. JIANG Xiaohua Medicine
MPhil Miss FOK Siu Har, Silvia Fine Arts
MPhil Mr. LEE Kin Wah, Terence Pathology
PhD Dr. DOMINY, Nathaniel Jay Anatomy
PhD Dr. THOMPSON, Brian Christopher Music
MPhil Ms. CHAN Tong Ti Music
MPhil Ms. CHAN Shuk Yee Pathology
PhD Dr. CHIANG Kwok Shing Pathology
PhD Dr. FRASER, Christopher James Philosophy
MPhil Miss TSUI Wing Yan Chemistry
MPhil Mr. WONG Ching Wa Philosophy
PhD Dr. CHENG Ming Chun Sociology
PhD Dr. ZHU Jian Xin Physics
MPhil Mr. CHONG Nui Physics
MPhil Mr. NG Ka Po Politics & Public Administration
PhD Dr. CHUI Ho Kwong Civil & Structural Engineering
PhD Dr. WADE, Geoffrey Philip History
MPhil Mr. WONG Wai Hung Philosophy
MPhil Mr. YEUNG Hon Yin Physics
PhD Dr. CHAU Hoi Fung Physics
PhD Dr. CHEN Yen Chinese