Current Students

Award for Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student

In 2002, the Graduate School established the Award for Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student to give due recognition to research postgraduate students who have submitted a thesis of exceptional quality and have demonstrated outstanding performance in other academic aspects. Up to ten awards may be made each year, in the form of a certificate and book prize.

The most outstanding students selected from among the nominations received from Faculties will be awarded the Li Ka Shing Prizes, while the next best students will be awarded the ORPS.  


PhD Dr KULPER Sloan Austin Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology
MPhil Mr LI Huang Department of Computer Science
PhD Dr LIN Lin Department of Civil Engineering
PhD Dr LIU Xin Faculty of Business and Economics
PhD Miss RAMANUJAN Keerthi Faculty of Education
PhD Ms SHI Huiwen School of English
MPhil Miss XU Lingyi School of English
PhD Dr ZHANG Anni Department of Civil Engineering
PhD Dr ZHAO Shuping Faculty of Dentistry
PhD Dr ZHENG Daran Department of Earth Sciences


MPhil Dr CHEUNG Ka Shing Department of Real Estate and Construction
MPhil Dr GHOSH Shrestha School of Biomedical Sciences
PhD Dr KHAN Arshad Department of Mechanical Engineering
PhD Dr LIU Qian Department of Earth Sciences
PhD Dr LUO Na Centre for Applied English Studies 
PhD Miss PENG Qiaoyang Department of Sociology
PhD Dr SHAO Xiang Faculty of Business and Economics
PhD Dr WONG Yun Sum Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacy 
PhD Dr YEUNG Wai Kan Andy Faculty of Dentistry
PhD Miss YU Kexin Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science


MPhil Mrs NARAYAN, Niketa Gupte  English
MPhil Mr WONG Cheong Wai Martin  Biological Sciences
PhD Dr BAO Xiucong  Chemistry
PhD Dr CARRAI, Maria Adele Law
PhD Dr LAM Sze Yuen  Medicine
PhD Dr LIANG Zhiyuan  Civil Engineering
PhD Dr LI Changxian  Surgery
PhD Dr WANG Shuai  Dentisrty
PhD Dr YAO Liaoyuan  Chemistry
PhD Dr ZHU Han  Law

MPhil Miss HE Xinjie Education
MPhil Miss KWONG Hiu Tung Earth Sciences
MPhil Mr YAU Tak Wai, David Dentistry
PhD Dr CHAN Chee Hon Social Work and Social Administration
PhD Dr EIZENHOEFER, Paul Reinhold Earth Sciences
PhD Dr JU Feng Civil Engineering
PhD Dr LI Jun Biomedical Sciences
PhD Dr SHEN Jun Mechanical Engineering
PhD Mr SOTO, Pineda Carlos Enrique Education
PhD Dr XIANG Zheng  Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
MPhil Miss CHENG Bing Qing  Mechanical Engineering
MPhil Miss LI Wing Yi, Vivian  Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
MPhil Ms CHEN Rongrong  Psychology
PhD Dr XIA Yifei Business
PhD Dr HAMAMA, Hamdi Hosni Hamdan Eldesouki  Dentistry
PhD Dr YANG Ying  Civil Engineering
PhD Dr LI Xuanhua  Electrical and Electronic Engineering
PhD Dr CHEN Xiaoming  Mechanical Engineering
PhD Dr WANG Weixin  Biochemistry
PhD Dr ZHU Jiafeng  Politics and Public Administration
MPhil Mr MAN Hiu Yeung  Chinese
MPhil Miss CHAN, Jane  Microbiology
PhD Mr CHUNG Chi Kei  Modern Languages and Cultures (European Studies)
PhD Dr ZHANG Li  Education
PhD Dr CHEN Yongxi  Law
PhD Dr LI Kwai Hei  Electrical and Electronic Engineering
PhD CHENG Chuan  Mechanical Engineering
PhD LIU Ming  Clinical Oncology
PhD Dr ZHOU Jingying  Microbiology
PhD PO, Charlotte  Chemistry
MPhil Mr TSO Ricky Van Yip Psychology
PhD Dr LEE Wing Kin Chinese
PhD Dr WANG Qian Economics and Finance
PhD Dr JAYARATNE, Yasas Shri Nalaka Dentistry
PhD Dr YE Lin Civil Engineering
PhD Dr ZHOU Yue Electrical and Electronic Engineering
PhD Dr LAI Chun Cheong Microbiology
PhD Dr NG, Sophia School of Public Health
PhD Dr NG Pun Tung Biological Sciences
PhD Dr YEUNG Ching Lam, Margaret Chemistry
MPhil Miss LI Lingyue Urban Planning and Design
MPhil Miss CHEUNG Ka Yan Dentistry
MPhil Mr CHEUNG Chi Ho Pathology
MPhil Miss HUANG Ximin Mathematics
PhD Dr ORSBORN, Matthew Bryan Buddhist Studies
PhD Dr WENG Weiwei Economics and Finance
PhD Dr LI Bing Civil Engineering
PhD Dr ZHENG Jian Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
PhD Dr AU Ka Man Chemistry
PhD Dr CAI Keda Earth Sciences
MPhil Miss CASTILHO Antonia Genevieve Pathology
MPhil Mr CHAN Ka Shing, Kevin Psychiatry
MPhil Miss CHOI Sin Man Mathematics
MPhil Miss LI Cheuk Yin Sociology
PhD Dr MACRI Franco David Humanities (History)
PhD Dr LEE Wing Sze, Wincy Education
PhD Dr LIU Xinyuan Chemistry
PhD Dr MA Shing Ka'I Earth Sciences
PhD Dr SO Hon Cheong Psychiatry
PhD Dr TANG Sze Man Psychiatry
MPhil Mr LEUNG Chung Man Alvin Business
MPhil Mr OR Cho Tsun Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
MPhil Miss WONG Hoi Man Emily Microbiology
MPhil Mr WU Man Kit Edward Computer Science
PhD Dr CHEUNG Shing Chung Electrical and Electronic Engineering
PhD Dr SIU Yeung Tung Biochemistry
PhD Dr TAM Yiu Yan Chemistry
PhD Dr TUULI Martin Morgan Real Estate and Construction
PhD Dr WONG Hoi Sing Chinese
MPhil Mrs HANDA Satoko Humanities (History)
MPhil Mr NG Wai Nap Electrical and Electronic Engineering
PhD Dr CHEUNG Man Sze Medicine
PhD Dr LEE Fung Geography
PhD Dr LI Sze Wing, Vivian Pathology
PhD Dr LUO Wenshu Education
PhD Dr SHU Zhan Mechanical Engineering
PhD Dr TSUI Kai Man Electrical and Electronic Engineering
PhD Dr ZHU Jiasong Urban Planning and Design
MPhil Miss FUNG Wai Lam Electrical and Electronic Engineering
MPhil Miss KO Yeung, Katherine Humanities (History)
MPhil Mr TAM Ka Ho Surgery
MPhil Mr WONG Chun Wai Microbiology
PhD Dr LAM Ho Cheong Education
PhD Dr LAW Ga Lai Chemistry
PhD Dr MORRIS Robert James Law
PhD Dr PON Yuen Lam Biological Sciences
PhD Prof. QI Liang Earth Sciences
PhD Dr WONG Hin Cheong Civil Engineering
MPhil Mr. CHING Chung Cham Humanities (History)
MPhil Miss LAM Kai Yee Pharmacology
MPhil Mr. TAI Hoi Lun, Allen Mathematics
PhD Dr. CHEUNG Hiu Wing Anatomy
PhD Dr. CHEUNG Wai Ming Education
PhD Dr. LI Wang On Psychology
PhD Dr. OLIVIER, Daniel Geography
PhD Dr. YIU Kar Yung Dentistry
PhD Dr. YIU Man Lung Computer Science
PhD Dr. ZHENG Xiao Chemistry
MPhil Mr. LUNG Shiu Cheung Zoology
MPhil Miss NG Man Wai Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine
MPhil Mr. OR Chun Fai Charles Psychology
MPhil Mr. WU Ka Kei Pharmacology
MPhil Mr. YANG Yuanzheng Music
PhD Dr. CHEUNG Chung Yan Microbiology
PhD Dr. DENG Wen Anatomy
PhD Prof. FU Hong Education
PhD Dr. LEUNG Chi Tat Antony Social Work & Social Administration
PhD Dr. XIA Xiaoping Earth Sciences
MPhil Mrs. BHATT, Meenakshi Sanjeev Asian Studies
MPhil Mr. CHOW Yan Ching, Ken Zoology
MPhil Mr. HO Wing Yuen Surgery
MPhil Miss LAM Shi Ching, Olivia Linguistics
MPhil Mr. WONG Shu Fai Computer Science
PhD Dr. CHAN Ngai Man Business
PhD Dr. LING Ming Tat Anatomy
PhD Dr. SONG Xieyan Earth Sciences
PhD Dr. YU Wing Yat Politics & Public Administration
MPhil Mr. Eric FUNG Siu Leung Mathematics
MPhil Ms. GUO Hong Medicine
MPhil Miss Ruth HUNG Yu Yui English
PhD Dr. Claudia LAI Kam Yuk Social Work & Social Administration
PhD Dr. Joseph LEUNG Chi Kam Medicine
PhD Dr. LU Mei Dentistry
PhD Dr. LU Wei Chemistry
PhD Dr. Md. Motiar RAHMAN Civil Engineering
PhD Dr. SHEN Lijun Pathology
PhD Dr. Kelvin WONG Siu Kei Real Estate & Construction