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The Graduate School was formally established by the Council in September 1998.  It is responsible for the quality assurance and overall management of the research postgraduate (RPg) degrees, i.e.  Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).  It helps to set guidelines and regulations for research postgraduate education, and it implements policies on admissions, academic progress, examinations and quality assurance in respect of training for research students.  It also provides compulsory courses and optional workshops to students.

The Graduate School is governed by a Policy Board of Postgraduate Education (“Policy Board”) which is a Senate Committee and the School’s main strategic and policy-making body.  Under the Policy Board is the Board of Graduate Studies (BoGS) chaired by the Dean of the Graduate School or his/her designate.

The BoGS is given the authority to ensure that best practice is followed in the Faculties.  It also has the responsibility for determining examination results of research postgraduate students and maintaining regular review mechanisms to provide feedback for policy considerations.

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