(Committees of the Senate)
    1. In respect of Higher Degrees by Coursework
      For each examination prescribed by the Regulations, and its supplementary examination, where applicable, and for the examination of each dissertation or report or essay where prescribed, the Board shall
      1. before the examination is held, determine the principles to be adopted for marking schemes, the manner in which performances in coursework, practical and laboratory and field work should be judged and weighed, and the classification of honours and award of distinctions and credits where appropriate, and the methods and procedures by which the Examiners shall carry out their duties. The Chief Examiner(s) shall be responsible to the Board for the examination of their subjects in accordance with the duties of Chief Examiners and Examiners (Internal) laid down by the Senate;
      2. receive from the Chief Examiner(s) lists of the examination and assessment marks or grades of the candidate, and report(s) on the dissertation or report or essay and consider these;
      3. receive and consider such representations as have been made by candidates and referred to the Board by the Examinations Secretary concerning unusual circumstances arising during the course of the written examination which might have affected their performance;
      4. determine the results of the examination;
      5. receive the reports of External Examiners when available;
      6. submit to the Board of Faculty the pass list in alphabetical order of successful candidates' names and with marks of credit and/or distinction where the regulations provide for the publication of these; with a recommendation that successful candidates who have complied fully with the regulations be presented to the Chancellor for the conferment of the degree;
      7. decide the award of relevant prizes and medals presented wholly or partially on the results of University examinations, in accordance with the regulations governing their award, the Boards to inform the appropriate Boards of Faculties of any awards made (Authority: SM 12 of 4/3/80);
      8. make a report on the examination either if it appears desirable or if requested so to do by the Senate or the appropriate Board of Faculty, provided that the actual marks or grades (except in a form approved by the Senate) remain restricted to the Board of Examiners; and
      9. additionally, in the cases of the Faculties of Science, Engineering, Social Sciences, Education, Architecture, Law and Business and Economics, after receipt of advice and comments from the Faculty Review Committee on candidates who have failed to satisfy the examiners, the Board shall consider these candidates, and
        1. Decide upon those candidates who should be required to take a supplementary examination, carry a subject, repeat the course(s) and present themselves for re-examination, or present themselves for re-examination without repeating the course(s), in accordance with regulations;
        2. Recommend the discontinuation of candidates in cases where discontinuation is not mandatory.
    2. In respect of Higher Degrees by Thesis

      The Board shall be appointed by the Board of Faculty. The Board shall consider recommendations from the Thesis Examining Committee on the thesis examination result, and be empowered to make a decision thereon, for the consideration of the Board of Graduate Studies.
    1. The Dean of the Faculty (Chairman).
    2. The Vice-Chancellor (statutory).
    3. The specialist examiners (including the external examiner(s) if in Hong Kong) appointed for all fields of study for each degree (in the case of higher degrees by coursework) or

      The members of the Thesis Examining Committee (including the external examiner(s) if in Hong Kong) appointed for each candidate (in the case of higher degrees by thesis).
    4. Members of the Faculty Higher Degrees Committee, to be decided at the discretion of individual Boards of Faculties.
    5. Other teachers appointed by the Board of Faculty concerned who may not be examiners.

    * Note:
    For higher degrees by coursework there is only one Board of Examiners for examinations for any one degree curriculum, comprising all the examiners for that curriculum (Authority: SM 13b of 3/4/79).